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One of the things that have made MetroPro so successful is the interior design and the presentation of our listings. Our design team can transform any space in to a showroom - often with just a little paint, re arranging of the furniture and a few accessories. Staging your home for sale does not need to be expensive, and homes that are staged will sell quicker and for much more money.

Read what our chief designer, Donna Schwan, has to say on the topic of home staging;

What does getting your home "Market Ready," mean?

Sizing up the competition to get the price you need to have at the top of the closing statement?

It is much simpler than you think. 

Each price point in each market has expectations for that price range. 

Sellers' ask , "What do I need to do to get my house ready to sell?"

Most Brokers know you want them to say, "NO."  So many Brokers say, "No."  They want the listing and they want to please you. 

Sometimes you will tell the Broker that another agent told you all the things you need to do to get the house "Market Ready," with sweat on your brow.

You may be low on funds or energy so doing work to your home seems impossible. But think of it this way: keeping your property on the market for years will cost you a lot more mortgage payments, utilities, taxes, and upkeep.  Those expenses mean less dollars for you.

There are always things you can do for low cost and effort. 

Think about what would be important to you if you are out looking for a new property.

Clear view of the outside and inside of the property.  The more a buyer can see the more they can see themselves living there.  And that is just what you want them to do.

Here are some examples of easy solutions.

Empty Nesters

Many empty nesters have lived alone in what was a family home for many years.  What used to be a home with all of the rooms being used every day, some are now abandoned. The owners may have gravitated to a small area of the house, and tthat part is now cluttered. 

This is easy.  Create balance.  Add energy into those abandon areas, clean the rooms and get some updated bedding, clean out the closets, and make sure the light bulbs are working. Pack away the things you don't use at least once a week. 

Bachelor/Bachelorette Pads

So if you have found a partner or are just looking for a bigger pad? Open your home to more than just one sector of the market.  Young couples, first time home buyers and even empty nesters looking for a pied-a-terre are looking for efficient space.  Get some neutral - yet happy details that welcomes this market.

Our Design Team can help you decide anything from a paint color, rearranging your furniture  -  to deciding which repairs to do. 

Here are a few stories to give you an idea some of the other solutions we have come up with for sellers.

We were called on a listing appointment to a beautiful small house that had been on the market for a long time and had been reduced to below market price.  It was a good market and a great location. 

This was an easy solution.  This small Victorian house has a small bedroom on the first level, which many of them have.  The Seller had removed the stair to the basement to give this room a closet.  You had to go out the kitchen door to get into the basement.

The number one reason that apartment dwellers want a house is to have a basement to put all there stuff in.  Once they opened the door and put interior stairs to the basement the house sold in a week.

This is one of my favorites.

This condominium had been completely rehabbed with a stunning master bedroom suite.  There was just one problem.  The oldest child had talked the parents into letting her have their room.  All of her toys and books were all cluttered the master bedroom and the parents king size bed barely fit into the smallish middle bedroom. 
The owner knew what to do but unfortunately we had to take responsibility for telling their daughter and find some help to move the furniture.

What ever is happening in a home it is best to have those issues not take over the feel of the home.

We have many listings over the years that had sat on the market with another broker for a long time. We were called and asked why it had not sold. We came in, changed a few things, asked the Seller to repaint some rooms and the home sold within weeks of us putting the house on the market.
Call us, and we will be happy to send you a list of referrals – happy clients who will provide testimonials!

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