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MetroPro has been in business for over 10 years. We are the leading independent brokerage firm on the South Side of Chicago, leading others both in number of sales and volume. Our office is centrally located in Hyde Park. Our team is made up of 30 real estate professionals, and headed by Donna Schwan and Madelaine Gerbaulet-Vanasse, who between the two of them have 42 years of real estate experience. MetroPro has been able to sell properties in neighborhoods where no one thought any one would buy, like Woodlawn in 2000 and Grand Boulevard/ Bronzeville in 2002. MetroPro has been on the forefront of new markets since our beginning.

Our goal has always been to build an environment of accessible information and deeply committed service to our clients. We work with sellers to enhance their properties so that they sell quickly and for the best and highest prices. We know the critical importance of presenting properties in the best possible way and marketing them with the best possible photographs and full color brochures.

That is why MetroPro is the only Chicago brokerage that has both an on staff interior decorator/ designer/home staging professional and a full time graphic designer and photographer. Our designer Donna Schwan has won national awards for her interior design, and recently was featured in House & Home magazine (June/July 2009 issue). She can transform any space in to showcase, often with minor changes in color, lighting and accessories.

MetroPro also offers floor plan design service, and we create all our brochures, postcards and presentation materials in house.

We pride ourselves on the levels of professionalism, competence and enthusiasm of our associates. The talents we nurture the most are the people skills of our agents. We know how to be informative and precise. We know how to pre-qualify clients on the spot, so that the clients know what they can afford…and what they cannot.

We believe that selling requires a great amount of enthusiasm and confidence. And we’ve got both.

We are passionate about real estate, and we work with many different lenders and related real estate professionals. We always appreciate cooperating brokers, and always work hard and diligently to close a deal.

MetroPro is a full service brokerage

  1. We know the market, we know the area. We are serious, aggressive but realistic about price, product and marketing time. We will do the research and give you a custom marketing report and proposal, including all relevant comparables, so that you can make informed decisions.
  2. Enhancement – our designer can help the Seller make the property sparkle – often a simple paint job will increase a property’s marketability. All our design work and consultation is free – Seller is responsible for contracting suggested painting and improvements. For a fee, MetroPro can also completely stage any property with furniture, art and accessories.
  3. MetroPro will create beautiful full color glossy brochures with professional photos and descriptions of the highlights of the property
  4. We can create a floor plan for any property. This is a great enhancement to the brochure, as buyers can spend time at home after the showing figuring where their furniture will fit. It gives the property an edge over the competition.
  5. MetroPro can also create a postcard campaign for any property. We have extensive address lists and email lists to suit any location.
  6. MetroPro has an impressive internet presence – we advertise our properties on our website, MLSNI, Relator.com, Trulia, Craig’s List, Lycos, CoStar, Yahoo, Loopnet, Chicago Tribune Interactive and many more. (Please see attached list). We know that 87 % of all purchasers in 2008 used the internet during their search.
  7. We do use print media as well – Hyde Park Herald, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, Chicago Agent and we place ads in other local media as appropriate depending on the location of the property.
  8. We feature our listings on our flat screen in our office window and make brochures easily accessible at our highly visible lobby.
  9. Depending on the property, we will suggest open houses. Our open houses are events – we use signage, balloons and often street actors that drive traffic to the property. Sometimes we serve refreshments.
  10. We advertise the property to the entire Chicago land real estate community through the MLSNI, e - mail blasts and inter office communications. We may also suggest a broker’s open house. We also have a close relationship with the University of Chicago and send our listings to the housing office.
  11. Our listing agents take pride in their listings – and are present at all showings. Your home will never be left to a lock box or shown without MetroPro representation present. We want the person who knows the most about the property and your needs – the listing agent- to personally take all potential buyers on a tour of the property.
  12. The listing agent will be present during home inspections and final walk throughs, and will always meet the appraiser – armed with comps and explanations – to make sure the property appraises out.
  13. We are courteous and professional and enjoy a great reputation in the community and among our colleagues in the business. We cooperate well with all other professionals.
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